If you're struggling to get ahead of inflation despite working 40-60 hours a week? We can help.

We're Nathan and Alana and three years ago during the pandemic when we were stood down without pay we were desperately searching for a way to make money that wasn't reliant on a job or a boss. 

We came across affiliate marketing specifically focussed on high-ticket referrals meaning we could make a weeks wage...from ONE sale.

We learned everything from scratch, no marketing degree, no social media following. 

Along the way we have also coached numerous other ordinary families who like us, wanted to be less reliant on a capped income job and live a freedom life. However your freedom life looks, we can help you make that happen. 

Our training platform is designed to fit around your job and kids nap time if you're willing to commit to putting in a couple of hours a day to set up your own 90% automated system. 

Here's what you can expect:

In-Depth Training: 

Detailed video training modules cover every aspect of social media marketing weather that's running ads on Facebook, Instagram and Tik-Tok, content creation, landing pages like this one or word-of-mouth sales. Sales funnels and affiliate links are all done for you.


Access to us and a global network of coaches who will work with you. We will provide individualised guidance, motivation and accountability. There are also weekly live trainings inside our private coaching support group, a closed group chat and an international telegram chat.

High-Ticket Blueprint and Patented Compensation Structure: 

Get paired with high-ticket products and a company that has thrived during two recessions! We'll show you proven techniques to build your business and maximise your success while generating substantial commissions. This patented compensation plan is ONE OF A KIND.


** Open world wide, NO CARD REQUIRED **

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